For Ellen, My Sandstone Sister: a poem by Katie Lee

my Sandstone Sister
dim the lights
I can't see through your wild
unruly hair
to all the Ravens gathered there
in celebration of your flight
to join their chat with words
that rattle, shake and
cause concern amid the flock
of lesser birds.
those sleek, black, shinny ones
are jealous—they need your flair
to spark their lingo
and they love red hair

Off you go!
my Sandstone Sister, so
let me have my private thoughts
of where you are and what
you're doing. even though
my heart's a redrock
run-off flood, untamed,
my face two slickrock cheeks in rain;
I have to let you go where you must go

Hola! que paso?
but of course ... the san juan
knows your name.
the green and yampa spread your
flaming mop
across their ever lovin' rock
for all to see. you will return to me
each time I walk
those sandstone trails
or run the river.
I'll find you there—pressed, with love
against the stone,

© Katie Lee - Nov. 6, 2004 - Jerome, Arizona

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