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Katie Lee and Ellen Meloy Shared a Lover

When I think of Katie, I remember her bright innocent smile. Beneath that smile was a strong, committed woman obsessed with saving her lover, the Colorado River flowing through Glen Canyon. Her singing and writing skill was the club she used to bludgeon the Bureau of “Reckthenation” bullies who blasted her canyon cathedral into a bathtub of the Southwest. The year Ellen died, Katie’s book SANDSTONE SEDUCTION came out. Ellen was privileged to have written the forward to that book. Ellen reveals the common lover in her first paragraph: “The women who live on the red desert rivers of the American Southwest are helplessly, hopelessly bound to them. Women thus helplessly bound cannot explain their attachment without incinerating everything within a sixty-mile radius. Your scorched eyebrows would forever and beyond all doubt convince you that women understand slickrock and might, in a heartbeat, take it as a lover over any man.”  Deep love begot deeper love for me and Katie’s Joey.

When Katie died in 2017 she honored Ellen by leaving part of her considerable art collection to the Ellen Meloy Fund. Nine paintings by her favorite desert artist, Serena Supplee, were willed to the Ellen Meloy Fund to be sold for the benefit of desert writers. We offer these seven at bargain prices to our loyal followers. The paintings are fabulous and their connection to two queens of the desert is exceptional.

— Mark Meloy, September 2018

Paintings by Serena Suplee, gifted to the Ellen Meloy Fund by Katie Lee

Donations support the Ellen Meloy Fund

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Through the Looking Glass — off-set lithograph — $250


Pool of Delight -- 7 1/2"x5 1/2" watercolor ....$500


Where I wanna Be — 19 1/2"x 7" giclee print — $200

Bottoms Up — 33"x18" watercolor — $3200

On the Brink — 8"x17 1/2" giclee print — $200

Tree Treasure — 19"x10" watercolor — $1700

Sweet Canopy — 20"x25" giclee print — $500